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Your Body Didn't Fail You

“Jaleesa, we weren’t trying to make a baby. Babe, please don’t take this as if your body failed you”. I could hear the words my husband was saying to me and they made sense, but why couldn’t I stop the tears?
Let’s go back a little bit. “Is she pregnant?” If I had a dollar for every time I heard this when we were preparing for our wedding, we could have had 2 honeymoons. No, we weren’t getting married because we were pregnant, we were getting married because we loved each other, we were ready, and I didn’t want to continue to fall into the sin of fornication.
Because we prepared our entire wedding in a span of 7 weeks it was not shocking to me that people thought I was pregnant, but that was not so. It was actually the opposite. Brandon and I decided early on that we would wait at least 2-3 years before welcoming Baby Robinson, because there were certain things we wanted to accomplish first.

We wanted our children to be planned, we wanted to prepare for them in every way, we wanted …

What's Wrong With Sex?

*Takes a deep breath* What’s wrong with sex? A lot of people seem to be bent out of shape about it…so let’s talk about it. Before we get started, let’s talk about my personal views on sex so we can draw comparisons and differences. Also, let me say that I am a believer of the Holy Bible so if your views are different, then this may not be a post that you will find enjoyable. However, proceed if you would like 😊
1) Sex is not a sin. However, the sin is fornication. I will not be ignorant and assume that we all know what fornication is. Fornication is sexual intercourse between people not married to each other.
2) Sex was created for pleasure and procreation between married people. I personally believe sex is worship unto God when married.
3) Just in case you don’t know me personally: I am married now (hence the name of the blog), but I did spend a couple of years STRUGGLING with fornication. So, I am not a married person who looks down on singles and say, “Why can’t you just get it toget…

Money, Power, Respect

Look at us! All in love and stuff...absolutely clueless (still clueless in most areas), excited, and just living in the moment. We left our wedding debt free...that was very important to us. Small ceremony, immediate family, mom's dress,...everything PAID IN FULL. Money management was always important to me...and Money, Power, Respect is more than just a song featuring Lil' Kim and DMX.
I have to admit, I had it all wrong. I always thought it was suppose to be my account, his account, then our account. I would take care of this bill and that bill, he would take care of rent and the others. We would both put away to savings and tithes and offering. The rest? We could spend on whatever we want. If the purchase was over a certain amount we had to discuss it first (this was a “rule” we made before marriage). Let me go back a little bit…
Before we got married I was not working a “traditional job”. I was coaching full time which included vision board parties, speaking engageme…

Expectation vs Reality

I’m staring at you…you’re staring at me. The first to blink is the loser…my eyes are watering…I don’t know how much longer I can hold it. *Sigh* welp that was cool while it lasted but apparently clothes don’t blink in a staring contest and no matter how long I stare at them they won’t fold themselves. *shrugs*
I’m over here feeling like Tamela Mann, “truth is I’m tiiiiedd” lol and there is so much to do.  And even in my tiredness I get some type of joy in having my husband come home to a clean house even if he doesn’t see all the details. Not to mention since the last time I wrote a blog I’ve gotten a full time job, moved into a new place, and officially moved to Jacksonville (I drove back and forth the first 2 months).
New city, new home, new husband, new job, new church, making new friends all while trying to keep up with Coach Jaleesa (whatever that is these days lol) and not neglecting those who have been there since day one. I’m trying to find my new normal…I haven’t succeeded …

Meet The Robinsons

To my husband, who has read every single word I’ve written—even the ones I didn’t want you to read. Thank you for knowing every detail of my life and still choosing to love me. Your support means so much to me and I’m so grateful to God to be your wife. You are my best friend and a gift that keeps on giving. You were worth the wait, the heartache and the disappoint of the past. I appreciate you for loving the broken little girl, the confused adolescent and the woman I am becoming. I love you baby!

Meet The Robinsons

*ba-dum ba-dum ba-dum* The sound of his heart as I lay on his chest. This is really my life! I get to wake up to this fine bald headed man every morning. His alarm goes off and I peek from under the covers to watch him prepare for the day. As soon as he gets up I roll over to his side of the bed so I can enjoy his scent a little while longer. I can tell time by him because his routine is the same every morning. We make small talk as he gets ready to depart. He carefully lo…