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Sorry! I Won't Be Silent

Hello my Saved, Single, and Successful Readers!!!!!

I hope everyone is having a great day so far! Now, let’s get to it. The NBA finals are over and the Warriors took a “L” in a very close game to King James and the Cavs. Chile, I was clutching my pearls the whole game. It was so close!

In the beginning, the series looked as if Steph Curry and the Warriors would bring the title back home for a second time. After game 6, the Warrior fans weren’t so sure anymore. No one in NBA history had ever come back from 3-1 in the finals and win the whole thing. It was sooooo unbelievable that Ayesha Curry, wife of Warriors’ Star Steph Curry decided to tweet about it. 

Well, there were a few people that didn’t take kindly to Mrs. Curry’s view on this matter. Some among the opposing view was Stephen A. Smith, co-host of ESPN’s First Take. Here were his words:
“If that was Savannah, LeBron’s wife, if that were Gloria, LeBron’s mother, what would we be saying? LeBron James has a mom and has a wife and has …

That's Not My Name

I’m sorry! I didn’t catch your name!
The year was 1987 and our beloved Denise Huxtable was embarking on her sophomore year at Hillman College (Her parent’s alma mater). The season opens with Denise requesting a room change from the newly divorced, a little seasoned, meticulous, freshmen roommate, Jaleesa Vinson and Maggie, one of the few Caucasian students on Hillman’s campus.
            Though we find out later that college wasn’t the move for Denise; we get the opportunity to watch Jaleesa grow, excel in her academics, get married, and have a child. Maybe my mother knew what she was doing by naming me after the fictional character. I often laugh because we are so much alike (she can have the divorce part though). Check out the full Cosby spinoff on Netflix J
            However, this Jaleesa has not always been “proud” of her name. Father (Jimmie) + Mother (Lisa)= Jalisa. After seeing the spelling of the Different World character my name went from Jalisa to Jaleesa. I felt like peopl…

Coloring In The Lines

**WARNING** It is not my intent to offend, discriminate, or condemn the African American race, or any race for that matter. Because of the vastness and depth of this topic, I will follow up with an online discussion via periscope and Facebook live (Follow me @ Coach Jaleesa) and a part two  discussion next week. Happy Reading! – Coach Jaleesa
“You know my great great grandma was full Cherokee so I have Indian in my blood”
“Wowwww! Your hair is beautiful! What are you mixed with?”
“You’re pretty for a dark skinned girl”
“The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice”
“Why do you talk like you’re white?”
            You’ve probably heard one of the above phrases once or twice in your lifetime or maybe you’ve said it. It kinda comes with the territory. Let me start with this: I love being black! I love how we have overcome so much, how we defy odds! I love our sun-kissed skin, our curls and coils, full figures and curves, big lips, and hips. There is a pride that I have about my race. It was pas…