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Postpartum: The Weight Can Wait

Hello, my name is Jaleesa and this is my daughter, Alisa a.k.a Bean. This picture was taken on Saturday, November 3rd (exactly 10 weeks postpartum (after birth)). 

While people tell you all the things to do to get ready for baby (baby proof, baby shower, babymoon, etc), they aren’t quite as vocal concerning postpartum and the feelings attached to it. They say, “sleep when she sleeps” but when your family leaves and you don’t have as many hands around the house that turns into “wash the dishes while she sleeps”, “fold clothes while she sleeps”, “bathe while she sleeps”. 
Now before you say it... Yes, I am married and my husband is a very hands-on father. HOWEVER, I also try to take into consideration that he is the only one working so I don’t want to overload him as soon as he walks in the door. 
I said all that to say, with all the changes that a woman goes through during and after pregnancy, people should really take into consideration the things they say to moms. 
I vividly remembe…

10 Things You Shouldn't Say To A First Time Mother

I believe that sometimes we speak without realizing how silly we may sound. Then there are some of us who say silly things and see absolutely nothing wrong with it. Do you boo, do you! But do you over there lol. While sometimes you may think you’re helping, you’re actually doing more damage. So unless an expectant mother asks for advice directly, it may be safe to keep it to yourself. Here are some of the things I’ve heard so far that have made me scratch my head, roll my eyes, and think “are you serious?”
1)It’s not that serious or calm down
These are words I hated before getting pregnant so now that I’m carrying my sweet baby these words make my skin crawl. You cannot tell someone how to feel about something, especially if 1) they’ve never experienced it before or 2) its coming from a genuine place of love and concern. There are no “do overs” in life so excuse me if I’m cautious.
When you have dealt with childhood trauma you’re a little bit more careful of whom you allow around yo…

Houston, We Have a Problem!

I haven’t written since the end of September. I am one who knows when to step back and breathe for a second. I needed to regroup. I’ve wanted to write since December but there was only one thing that had my full undivided attention and that was the baby growing inside of me.
Sooooo of course I couldn’t write about baby Robinson until we could announce. I have to tell you guys how we found out and the emotional roller coaster that surrounded the whole ordeal. Let’s go back to December 28th. Christmas with family was a blast; we had gotten back home to Florida to change out our traveling bags.
We would bring in the New Year in Houston. You know me; I had the itinerary set for weeks. Beyonce’s House, Rockets/ Lakers Game, Joel Osteen’s Church, the Galleria, Corpus Christi to see the Selena Museum…we were ready!
We left Thursday night and drove straight to Corpus Christi because the museum is not open on the weekends so we had to catch it on that Friday. Let me tell y’all, Brandon L. …