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Your Body Didn't Fail You

“Jaleesa, we weren’t trying to make a baby. Babe, please don’t take this as if your body failed you”. I could hear the words my husband was saying to me and they made sense, but why couldn’t I stop the tears?
Let’s go back a little bit. “Is she pregnant?” If I had a dollar for every time I heard this when we were preparing for our wedding, we could have had 2 honeymoons. No, we weren’t getting married because we were pregnant, we were getting married because we loved each other, we were ready, and I didn’t want to continue to fall into the sin of fornication.
Because we prepared our entire wedding in a span of 7 weeks it was not shocking to me that people thought I was pregnant, but that was not so. It was actually the opposite. Brandon and I decided early on that we would wait at least 2-3 years before welcoming Baby Robinson, because there were certain things we wanted to accomplish first.

We wanted our children to be planned, we wanted to prepare for them in every way, we wanted …