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DTR: So What Is This?

Sooooooo about last week…things got a little out of hand so I wanted to clear the air. If you have not read last week’s blog entitled, “Am I Allowed To Be Saved, Single, and Sexy?” go check it out. The topic caused a little debate on social media, some response videos were made, and some things were said. Last week’s blog got 843 readers (the most read Saved, Single, and Successful blog post to date).  I want to reassure you that I accept and welcome opposing views HOWEVER, it is my desire to keep it nice. If comments get out of hand I will delete them, this is a no hate zone *wink wink*.

Do you like me? Circle Yes, No, or Maybe. Do you remember when it was that easy? Someone would hand you a note that was folded in a unique way (I could never master that thing). As the letter recipient, it was your job to circle a response, refold it (I could do that part), and hand it to the messenger. Depending on your response, you had a boo by lunch time. Your relationship consisted of sharing …

Am I Allowed To Be Saved, Single, and Sexy?

mod·es·ty: behavior, manner, or appearance intended to avoid impropriety or indecency.
I have a feeling some people won’t agree with me about this subject and I’m totally ok with it lol. Before you try to stone me hear me out. I am young, I like to look nice, and in the words of the old folk, I am “shapely” lol. Being a lady who stands at 5’11” without heels and who is on the “blessed” side I understand everything is not for me. Things that women who are 5’5” can wear I cannot get away with. There are certain cuts I have to stay away from, certain fabrics that are not flattering, and styles that I only rock in my dreams lol. Before we get all the way into this, I AM NOT IN ANY FORM OR FASHION SHAMING MEAGAN GOOD! I am using her as a point of reference. In the same sense, I am not painting Ayesha Curry as a perfect angel who can do no wrong.
On December 5, 2015, Ayesha Curry, Wife of NBA MVP Steph Curry, sent a tweet that almost broke the internet. It read, “Everyone’s into barely wearin…

Why You Should NOT Bust the Windows Out His Car

If you are a millennial like myself (someone born between 1981-1997) it is safe to say that you have been through a breakup (or a few). Again, if you’re anything like myself in my earlier years these breakups would be accompanied by a pint of ice cream, a few good movies, and a playlist that could make the toughest of men cry. You know it’s real when you start to delete the sweet texts, change the relationship status on Facebook, and delete the number (even though you know it by heart…it’s really psychological). Everything reminds you of this person and the good times you shared and then slowly but surely, you kinda just get over it. Your song comes on Pandora and you actually let it play all the way through without throwing stuff. You have even graduated a bit by unblocking them on all social media outlets. I must admit breakups are hard but manageable and in due time everything will be “back to normal” …whatever that is.
Ohhhhhh but then you have another type of breaker upper. We …

Sex and the Single Woman

*WARNING: This post is about sex and celibacy. Read at your own risk*

3 years, 4 months, 13 days, 10 hours, 16 mins, 32, 33, 34, 35 (you get the point) seconds since that day! The last time I allowed myself to be tricked. Let's talk about it.I told you this blog was transparent so if you can't handle hit the in the corner of the screen.

We don't like to talk about sex in church. We say that we shouldn't have sex outside of marriage, which is true. We know that fornication is wrong...another fact. But if you’re anything like me you like to ask questions lol. Besides the obvious reasons why we should abstain from sex outside of marriage, I wanted to share other reasons as well.

I don’t have all the answers but I will give you the top 3 reasons why I decided to become celibate:
1)I was tired of feeling: I believe media glamorizes sex. It is on every channel, every show is prone to have a sex scene and it’s just thrown in your face. Media makes friends with benefits or a “…