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Facebook Official

I talked myself in and out of this topic about three times before I opened my laptop to write. Before I get into this topic, I want you all to know I talked to my ex about what I was sharing. We are still friends, I still think he is a great guy, and I don’t have any regrets about that relationship. We don’t men/ex bash over here.

What’s on your mind? The question that Facebook has always asked. The question that is sometimes filled with the truth and for others what they wish their truth was. You don’t have to stunt for the book…We know you in real life lol. I have seen relationships begin and end. I’ve seen job promotions and the start of new businesses. I have watched friends carry their babies for 9 months and I’ve seen those same babies get ready for their first day of school. I have cried with Facebook friends as they have had to bury loved ones, celebrated with them as they have moved, graduated and got a new car. I’ve seen the weight loss pics, the sweating in the gym pics, …