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Postpartum: The Weight Can Wait

Hello, my name is Jaleesa and this is my daughter, Alisa a.k.a Bean. This picture was taken on Saturday, November 3rd (exactly 10 weeks postpartum (after birth)). 

While people tell you all the things to do to get ready for baby (baby proof, baby shower, babymoon, etc), they aren’t quite as vocal concerning postpartum and the feelings attached to it. They say, “sleep when she sleeps” but when your family leaves and you don’t have as many hands around the house that turns into “wash the dishes while she sleeps”, “fold clothes while she sleeps”, “bathe while she sleeps”. 
Now before you say it... Yes, I am married and my husband is a very hands-on father. HOWEVER, I also try to take into consideration that he is the only one working so I don’t want to overload him as soon as he walks in the door. 
I said all that to say, with all the changes that a woman goes through during and after pregnancy, people should really take into consideration the things they say to moms. 
I vividly remembe…