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The Ugly Truth: Looks Matter

It’s FRIDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean much to me since every day is a party lol. I intended to finish this post last week but the way my schedule was set up I couldn’t even sit still long enough to type….but without further delay!
 Before I get started I just want you to know I’m not shallow…ok thanks. Is it me or does it seem like people who are married tell single folk to not put so much emphasis on looks. Yettttt, all the while, their spouses are attractive. So it’s ok for your boo to be fine but mine gotta look like gum on a sidewalk as long as he loves the Lord?? Ok, I went too far. But seriously, I’m tired of hearing people say looks aren’t everything because they will fade…looks don’t matter…get you someone who will treat you right…blah blah blah. You know what? Looks aren’t EVERYTHING but who said we had to substitute good looks for a great personality? Is it not possible for someone to be beautiful/handsome and treat you well? I know plenty of people who…