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He Cheated...I Stayed!

Hey love bugs! Thanks for all those who read the blog yesterday. If you have not uuuummmm what are you waiting for? LOL. Today I am so blessed to have a dear friend of mine share her testimony. I know I don’t have to say this but I want to make it clear since I know that everyone who reads my blog does not know me personally. Saved, Single, and Successful is a BULLY-FREE ZONE. All comments will be uplifting and edifying ;-) Glad we could talk about that lol. This blog is very honest. It’s a story of infidelity, drug addiction, hurt and pain but most of all God’s restoration, peace and transformation. If any one can relate to this story or you have words of encouragement, comment below or email me at so I can forward them to our guest writer.
 For her protection all names have been changed in the blog.
Carl is the husband Carla is the wife Candy Cane is the other woman Cookie is…you’ll see who Cookie is ;-)
Thank you guys for your support -Coach Jaleesa


Confessions of A Side Chick

Yoooooo!!! It’s been a minute. Please charge it to my head and not my heart. I’ll be honest….Yes, I haven’t written because of my schedule (currently in New York now, speaking in New Hampshire tomorrow) but to be honest I haven’t written because of fear. How do you follow up on a blog that has over 15,000 readers? I was like, “bruh, there is absolutely nothing I can say at this point that will measure to that”. Thennnnn I realized how silly I sounded. My job is to write, not keep count of who is reading. But in all honesty, thank you for sharing my work. I couldn’t have done it without you sharing and reposting…you guys are dope. Ok, enough of that mushy stuff. *Sigh* Today’s blog is “Confessions of a Side Chick”. Let’s be clear, I am not glorifying this “position” in the least bit. However, I would be lying if I said I hadn’t played the role. In my situation, I didn’t know I was the side chick at first buttttt then even after I found out he was involved with someone I didn’t stop de…