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The Good Nachos

*Warning* This Blog contains spoiler alerts from NBC's, "This Is Us".
There’s this saying that the old folk live by that goes, “you gotta start out the way you can hold out”. I’ve seen a lot of them use it in the realm of courtship. This is their way of saying “don’t do now, what you’re not willing to continue to do later. In simpler terms, remain consistent in the things you did in the beginning. In millennial terms, “keep that same energy”. Got it? Good.
While I understand the intent of these sayings I also think we have to take into consideration that people change, scenarios change, and we have to calculate how those subtle (or not so subtle) changes alter who we are as people and partners.
First of all, can we all just take a moment to appreciate the writers of This Is Us. My eyes literally stayed glued to the screen. Partly because the acting was amazing, partly due to the younger characters having nailed the mannerisms of their older counterparts, but mainly becau…